This project provides a secure solution for data sharing capabilities in an outsourcing scenario where the storage service provider is trusted neither for data confidentiality nor for enforcing access control functionalities. iOverEncrypt is a prototype of a save and privacy-aware client-server web application, designed by the Universities of Bergamo and Milano. The strong points of this solution lie in the scalability and efficiency of the data outsourcing mechanism, and in the decentralized management of access control policies and their evolution.

License Programming Language Operating System/Platform Category Intended Audience Download
BSD License, and MIT License Java SE 6, and C++ Client: Windows XP – 7 32/64 with Mozilla Firefox
Server: Apache TomCat web server version 6.0 or later, JRE 6, and PostgreSQL DataBase (version 8.3 or later)
file sharing, outsoruce, privacy, access control Developers ControlMechanismTools.zip, SourceForge

How to Use

Please follow the instructions of the installation gude.

Target Audience

  • ·Developers who want to use state of the art mechanism to manage access control resource in distributed environment.

  Future Plans

We plan to extend the prototype with the future results of UNIMI and UNIBG research.

Further Information


File Size: 10,4 MB


Platform: C++ and Java 6

Architecture: Client (Mozilla Firefox), Server (Apache TomCat web server version 6.0 or later), Java Run Time Environment (version 1.6 or later), PostgreSQL DataBase (version 8.3 or later).


License: BSD License; MIT License

Download: Source Code and Binaries, SourceForge Project




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Last update: May 2011