MediaWiki – Reputation extension  

MediaWiki is a free Wiki software, which is used for many OS wikis (e.g., Wikipedia). The reputation extension provides functionality to handle the reputations of users and ratings of wiki pages. This extension provides a form to rate the revision for every content page.

The average rating will be displayed at every page. Additionally, a special page displays the rating history of a page and average ratings are displayed in the page history. Finally, the user can update his reputation of the author of the revision using the ratings weighted by raters’ reputation.

License Programming Language Operating System/Platform Category Intended Audience Download
GPLv2 Java MediaWiki 1.15 or higher MediaWiki, Plugin, Reputation Providers/End users of MediaWiki wikis, Developers looking for PRIME CORE ZIP /JAR /Source

How to Use

The extension is based on the ReaderFeedback extension and requires the MediaWiki – Privacy enhanced access control extension to be installed. In order to use the extension it is required to run a PRIME server on the server-side of the application platform as well as a PRIME client on the user’s device. The extension uses access control functionalities from the MediaWiki – Privacy enhanced access control extension, thus it needs to be installed before.

To rate some page, the so called “Send Personal Send Data Dialogue” is modified using a PRIME core plug-in mechanism. A detailed installation instruction is given within a README file.

Target Audience

  • Providers of MediaWiki wikis
  • End users of MediaWiki wikis (installation required)
  • Developers, looking for a reference implementation for the PRIME core plug-in mechanism

Further Information


File Size: 229 KB

Languages: English, Arabic, Egiptian spoken Arabic, Southern Balochi, Bosnian, German, Lower Sorbian, Esperanto, Persian, Finnish, French, Franco-Proven%al, Galician, Swiss German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Upper Sorbian, Hungarian, Interlingua, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Marathi, Malay, Maltese, Erzya, Nedersaksisch, Dutch, Nowegian Nynorsk, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Sanskrit, Slovak, Albanian, Serbian Cyrillic ekavian, Swedish, Swahili, Tagalog

Platform: at least MediaWiki 1.15


  • server-side extension of MediaWiki
  • client-side extension of the PRIME core

Author: Aaron Schulz

License: GPLv2


  • MediaWiki reputation extension
  • Extension of the PRIME Send Personal Data Dialogue for reputation (compiled jar, source code)
  • RDF file containing the ontologies of the needed reputation credential categories

Documentation: included in a README in the .zip file



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LastUpdate: 23.3.10