H1.3.3 – Analysis of Privacy and Identity Management throughout Life  

Arnold Roosendaal, Sandra Steinbrecher, Ronald Leenes, Hans Buitelaar, Hans Hedbom, Stuart Short, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Maren Raguse

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This heartbeat provides a thorough analysis of identity management in formal and informal settings throughout life. We discuss how identities are created, used, maintained, and terminated in these settings.

The formal key areas we cover are namely: government, education, healthcare, employment, and shopping. First, identity management here is approached at an abstract level, describing how a general formal identity is created. Then, identity management in the key areas is described. A more detailed overview for the first four key areas is provided from the perspectives of several European countries.

The example of informal settings we walk through are influenced by the social environment of individuals in their private life and cover the arising online applications that help people to interact with their social network. Here we point out the link to the other workpackages in Activity 1.