H1.2.5 – Requirements and concepts for privacy enhancing access control in social networks and collaborative workspaces  

Martin Pekárek, Stefanie Pötzsch, Ronald Leenes, Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann, Maren Raguse, Karel Wouters, Carine Bournez, Dave Raggett, Aleksandra Kuczerawy

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This heartbeat documents 17 use cases regarding common actions in Social Network Sites (9) and Collaborative Workspaces (8). These use cases, literature and a legal analysis of data disclosure in SNSs and CWs are used to elicit a set of high level mechanisms and requirements to be observed in the development of privacy enhancing features (e.g. access control) in Social Network Sites and Collaborative Workspace applications. The results described in this report are intended to serve as the basis for decision making and development of the PrimeLife WP 1.2 focal demonstrators.