D4.3.2 – UI Prototypes: Policy Administration and Presentation – Version 2  

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Harald Zwingelberg, Gregory Neven, Leif-Erik Holtz, Ulrich König, Staffan Gustavsson, Tobias Pulls, Hans Hedbom

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Privacy Policies are an important prerequisite for user control in privacy-enhancing identity management. The transparency of privacy policies can be enhanced if users are informed about mismatches of a site’s policy with the user’s preferences. Investigating understandable and transparent privacy policies, a user-friendly visualisation of policy mismatches as well as simplified and usable privacy preference management “on the fly” are the objectives of the deliverable. User Interfaces for policy display and management also need to meet technical requirements by the PrimeLife Policy Language PPL.

This deliverable is first summarising the technical features and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) requirements of PPL, and is then discussing icons presenting the important aspects of privacy policies and different iterations of User Interface (UI) prototypes for policy display and preference administration.