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PrimeLife has published its first (merged) deliverable. The “First Report on Standardisation and Interoperabilty – Overview and Analysis of Open Source Initiatives” describes the landscape of work for PrimeLife. In this report numerous Standardisation and Open Source Projects are described and analysed with respect to their relevancy for the PrimeLife Project.

From the Abstract:

“The […] chapters report the state of standards and open technologies, organised in 5 classes: standard identity management and privacy frameworks, policy and rules languages, authentication, user control, identity systems. When applicable, references to open source implementations are mentioned. A brief description of the organisations which coordinate standardisation of the previously described specifications follows. The last part of the document reviews in detail a number of selected open source projects which relate to the scope of the PrimeLife project.”

Carine Bournez, from W3C, and Patrick Bichsel, of IBM, compiled this 120 page document. It can be downloaded here.