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PrimeLife project presents results and concepts at ICT 2010

Protecting a person’s privacy over a lifetime is a central research aspect of the PrimeLife project. Within PrimeLife, researchers have developed several prototypes and demonstrators that allow addressing some of the identified key issues conflicting with lifelong privacy. The solutions are published on the projects website PrimeLife’s prototypes range from tools to display privacy settings over a fully functioning privacy-enhanced social network and suites to deploy privacy-preserving identity management for company IT infrastructures.

Besides providing tools and solutions, PrimeLife has also taken up the challenge to disseminate these results not only to research colleagues as well as to stakeholders in politics and industry, but also to citizens and end-users. At ICT 2010 organized by the European Commission PrimeLife will chair a Networking Session allowing active interchange between several EC-funded and national privacy projects related to privacy and identity management issues.

PrimeLife Stand at ICT 2010

PrimeLife’s exhibit (Stand ID: 2928, located in Zone R7) shows project prototypes covering the different areas of privacy-enhancing identity management: social networking, web transactions, and mobile computing. PrimeLife’s social networking prototypes, ‘Clique’ and ‘Scramble!’, illustrate how to reconcile privacy and sociality in social networks in a user-friendly way. The ‘privacy dashboard’ is a web browser plug-in that enables users to perform their day-to-day identity management on the web, including tracking their data disclosures and user support for exercising their privacy rights. Moreover, the PrimeLife booth highlights a privacy-enhanced Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allowing a user to control disclosed personal data even in complex landscapes. PrimeLife’s ‘secure mobile device’ prototype demonstrates an Android-based security-enhanced mobile device, using a trusted hardware module that makes identity and privacy management features accessible to mobile users.

Session: Identity management throughout life – solutions, trends, side effects

The ICT 2010 networking session on identity management chaired by PrimeLife’s dissemination leader Marit Hansen is an opportunity to learn about EU projects that support e-services through identity management (IdM) used for authorisation, identification of users and privacy management.

Electronic identities create risks such as undesired identification and identity theft. With current mobility patterns and information sharing, the life cycle of IdM throughout a person’s life is challenging. How can IdM technology strengthen the privacy and security properties of applications? This session presents IdM research among others from the EU projects PrimeLife, TURBINE, PICOS, Semiramis and Norway’s PETweb II. Aimed at users and specialists with an interest in privacy, biometric template protection, and ImM, the session will be organised with short talks to foster collaboration. The aim is to create a cluster of projects and pilots to exchange results and reach out to IdM users to form a group interested in upcoming pilots and projects.


Software Downloads
Current identity management systems and schemas deployed by governments (e.g., in eID schemas) and by private companies (social networks, long-term data storage and retention) have been identified – solutions are given based on PrimeLife’s current research results. Software implementations of these results may be found here in their current version: