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Welcome to Clique

Registration is open to everyone.

New: This Quicktime animation explains some of Clique’s basic concepts. The movie opens in a new window.


Getting Started [Nederlands]

  1. Register with your real name or a nickname.
  2. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link sent to your email account
  3. Choose a picture which everyone may see, upload this to your profile.
  4. DASHBOARD: the main entry to all your profiles, go to edit page (top right)
  5. EDIT PAGE (of DASHBOARD): Drag the boxes you wish to display on your profile from the right hand side to the middle 3 panels, e.g.: 
    1. The WIRE: here you can write and place your status updates.
    2. CONTACTS: to display your contacts on your profile
    3. TWITTER: add for  twitter posts to appear on your profile
  6. Make your ‘COLLECTIONS’: go to the tab ‘TOOLS’ > ‘COLLECTIONS’.
  7. Default COLLECTION? Yes, if this is the COLLECTION you normally address. 
  8. Invite FRIENDS: from your DASHBOARD,  go to ‘TOOLS’ > ‘CONTACTS’
  9. Place CONTACTS in the COLLECTIONS you made: ‘TOOLS’ > ‘COLLECTIONS’

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